Video Business Card

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Video Business Card


What is a Video Business Card? It's a quick, clean, sharp and effective video for use in your online marketing campaigns. It’s a video you can put on your google, yellow pages directory, Facebook page, website landing page, to name a few. So that within a click of a button people can see all the great things about your business, so you can get ahead of the competition.

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What you get

  • 1 - 1.5 minute video business card
  • Choice of four custom sections: testimonial, demonstration, walkaround/tour, explainer
  • Three styles to choose from: classic, hipster, and scandi minimalist (style guides available upon request)
  • Original library music track fully licensed to you*
  • Each video will include a section for an owner/manager introduction on or off camera and voiceover style

How it works

Our team of experienced advertising professionals will find the best way to present your business for use on your website landing page or associated marketing channels.

As soon as you express your interest in getting your Video Business Card by filling in the online form, you will receive a questionnaire. Upon receiving your completed questionnaire we will arrange a time to call you within 24 hours for a quick Video Production Introduction, to go over what to expect and next steps chat. 

We will follow up with video example references and a sample of our three style-guide templates for you to look at in your own time.

Once you decide to go ahead and book us for your Video Business Card we will call you for a full consultation which should last about 15 minutes. During the consultation we will ask you about your company, brand, and aims to give us a picture of your business. Based on this we will advise you on what structure we think will work best for your video and we will agree on your video and schedule. This is the last stage before your video shoot. 

Throughout the process we will guide you with our expertise and hold your hand through the production process so you don't have to worry. Just turn up and we'll make you look and sound your best for the camera! 

After the shoot, leave the rest to us, as you sit back, relax and wait for your digital Video Business Card to be delivered to your email inbox! 

Four easy steps to booking...

1. Fill out the online form to request a call

2. Fill out the questionnaire

3. Introduction to Video and What to Expect call

4. Review video references and styleguide templates



Four fun and exciting steps to getting your own Video Business Card:

1. In depth consultation

2. Choose your Video Business Card structure and style with our expert guidance

3. Turn up to the shoot

4. Sit back, relax and receive your completed Video Business Card via email!


Add on possibilities

Buildable format allows you to add sections and additional video content later down the line in keeping with the established video and your brand. Depending on your needs you can use the video as a one off or a starting point for ongoing video you can make into a series, channel, or build up across section for each area of your website and marketing .

Add on ideas

  • Location and employee photography
  • Additional video testimonials
  • Cinemagraphs - mixture of still and moving images
  • Metrics and Analytics reports (analysis support for your video content. we can help you understand what it all means)

Need to know

  • *Shoot within Hackney postcode only.
  • No reshoots, exact video length to vary.

  • Delivery in youtube / online specification format only.

  • Your schedule for your video shoot will be allocated as a 1.5 hour slot. During this time you must ensure all personnel you want featured in your video are present and that everything as you want featured in your video is there to be filmed at the time we come.

  • No feedback / edit amends are allocated within this deal. Your video delivery is final. 

Looking for something special? This is just the start of what we can do. The sky’s the limit. We can offer any variety of bespoke offerings to suit your unique needs. Speak to us for additional information and book in for a free consultation. Just Request a call back!

Delivery & fine print

  • Additional file formats at additional cost.
  • The expected delivery of the final edit is within 15 working days (21 calendar days) of shoot, in the form of a digital file.
  • Please be aware that we are unable to respond to edit changes enquiries while your order is still within the expected delivery window. All requests must be made up front in the briefing, document share and consultation phases. 
  • Purchaser/company must provide all company details and assets they wish to be included in the video in the final format required, i.e. company logos, fonts, colourways, URL's, etc. name, phone number and shipping address at checkout
  • Purchase/company will receive a detailed brief capture form at checkout with a request for information/materials. Required materials must be provided by the time of the shoot, otherwise risk not being included in the final video.
  • We can assist with uploading your video to your main website or channel of choice if agreed up front during the consultation.
  • *Prices will vary and may be outside of the deal price depending on track chosen.


There is a second service option for your Video Business Card:

Premier Video Business Card plus Photos Package

You can take advantage of a wide range of services and additional features not available under the Standard Service, Request a Call Back for further information.



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